CIC #2 Update 2

The end of part 1, my notes:

-     Flow of information between citizens and Council/City and issue, needs improvement.
-     There is a lack of easily-identifiable liaisons between city and citizens, need a visible representative of the community at city level.
-     What about a ward system? Might increase access to city hall, but might increase partisanship/NIMBY as well. Maybe instead just increase awareness, communication from Council/City. Information is searchable, but does not come to you (need to be able to passively receive information). Might lead to competition amongst neighbourhoods for staff time. Would require cooperation between neighbourhoods though.
-     Neighbourhood web sites/sections of city web site where residents can get information related to their neighbourhoods, important contacts, events, planning, etc.
-     Linking City, CRD, Neighbourhoods websites so that information is easy to find and jump around from.
-     Good example: engagement process for Jubilee extension was very well done, comprehensive.
-     Need greater awareness of the roles of community assoc. How do they deal with the city? How can I contact them? Where do my questions go when I call my neighbourhood assoc?
-     People often disagree/conflict in neighbourhood context, how do we reach and find common ground and agreement within neighbourhoods? Need an organic process, flexible, not a rigid schedule. An open, civil forum where people know they will be heard, can provide their opinions and disagree/discuss without conflict. Respectful environment. Need unbiased facilitator for important discussions.
-     Involve people from the beginning. Problems occur when people don’t feel like part of the process. Involve people in pre-planning rather than post-planning consultation, be transparent about what the city is looking at.
-     City should take an active mediation role in conflicts between neighbourhood assoc. Also proactive role in organizing neighbourhoods, creating conversation/cohesion. Could be a concern of Council Liaisons.
-     Do we need to focus more on the city as a whole rather than individual neighbourhoods?
-     Approach: City says here is the broad plan (OCP),  how do you the communities feel things should look on the ground.
-     OCP should not decide details, but be very clear on what needs to happen generally. “We need services for the homeless” is an OCP statement, neighbourhoods decide where these things should go.
-     Increase fines for developers for destroying protected trees, and have responsibility go two or three years into the future in case of long-term damage done during development.
-     City should revisit neighbourhood boundaries. Increase neighbourhood identity, people would get more involved because they would feel it’s their neighbourhood. Need to ask what is a neighbourhood, how do we define it?
-     Big ideas: Communication, making information available. Creating a portal for neighbourhood issues.
-     Not only informing, but providing bottom-up opportunities.
-     Ensuring that people feel truly engaged THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS.

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