CIC #2 Update 1

On community engagement:

-     Flow of information between citizens and Council/City and issue, needs improvement.
-     There is a lack of easily-identifiable liaisons between city and citizens, need a visible representative of the community at city level.
-     What about a ward system? Might increase access to city hall, but might increase partisanship/NIMBY as well. Maybe instead just increase awareness, communication from Council/City. Information is searchable, but does not come to you (need to be able to passively receive information).
-     Neighbourhood web sites/sections of city web site where residents can get information related to their neighbourhoods, important contacts, events, planning, etc.
-     Linking City, CRD, Neighbourhoods websites so that information is easy to find and jump around from.
-     Good example: engagement process for Jubilee extension was very well done, comprehensive.
-     Need greater awareness of the roles of community assoc. How do they deal with the city? How can I contact them? Where do my questions go when I call my neighbourhood assoc?
-     People often disagree/conflict in neighbourhood context, how do we reach and find common ground and agreement within neighbourhoods? Need an organic process, flexible, not a rigid schedule. An open, civil forum where people know they will be heard, can provide their opinions and disagree/discuss without conflict. Respectful environment. Need unbiased facilitator for important discussions.

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