City of Victoria Citizen Insight Council #2 - notes

    Need all of the major amenities in neighbourhoods, need to start forming a vision for people to live, work and play in their village centres.
-        Better public transit between municipalities. Light rail. Generally discouraging single-person vehicle use so that people don’t move outside of the city, live in smaller areas. 
-        Can’t expand too far outward, no space. Need to maintain wild space, farmland.
-        Amalgamation? Emergency response amalgamation? Would be nice to have by 2040, but maybe not going to happen now.
-        Visions for Victoria:
-        Be able to afford to live here, rent space. People’s children should be able to stay and work. Densification. Want to be able to walk around and see green. Preserving heritage buildings.
-        Close off some of the downtown roads for cafes, pedestrian use. Younger population needs affordable housing in order to stay.
-        Waterfront areas need to be protected, not obscured by high-rises. Available for public use.
-        People no longer feel the need for gas transit. Parking outside the city, better public transit. Free bike (blue bike program).
-        Maintain view of sky downtown. Density good, but make less visible. Design buildings to allow a view of sky.
-        Need high density, have sunlight reach the streets, have the street be the place where people interact, not in buildings – keep streets as an active public place.
-        Island should be more sustainable for food. Green roofs, growing food. Community gardens.
-        Community-based waste disposal system. Dumpsters for whole neighbourhoods centralized, makes disposal easier.
-        Road blocks make it difficult for emergency response. Roundabouts get in the way.
-        Services for homeless as well as housing. Adequate housing and services for all.
-        Greater use of heritage conservation areas, general respect for heritage. Match density zoning with existing density of heritage buildings.
-        Need a place for people to go to discuss ideas on an ongoing basis. Opportunities for seniors, youths. Iterative engagement methods, building on previous discussion. “come with a problem but be part of the solution”.
-        Community work space, drop-in workshop on ongoing basis for community to debate, led by someone. Could use community centres. Not issue-focused, free for people to come and present new ideas and issues. Purpose could be served by pubs, cafes.
-        Online version of same.
-        Remove parking lot at end of Fort St. and open a festival ground or something.
-        Could have had a designated camping spot. Need more creative housing solutions for homeless.

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