CIC #1 Update 4

The day begins with conversation about policing, homelessness, and safety on the streets.

From yesterday, concerns continued:
- Social services are cut as we grow more, money going to one group, million goes to bank, rent goes up after renovations.
- Need more affordable housing, rentals.
- Some people live here and don't get into the community.
- Homelessness and mental health.
- Rising property taxes but fewer services, cutting back beacon hill, less flowers, more bark.
- Maintain heritage value, jewel of ocean and the need for sight lines and perspective to preserve what we have.
- Do we need amalgamation? Victorians are paying for services to visitors.
- Do we have enough density for LRT?
- Density = traffic, how do we deal with this?
- Johnson St. bridge public vote.
- We need composting, what are we doing with our soil?
- Green space should be a priority.
- North Shore traffic.
- Need more city celebrations that don't involve alcohol. Need better policing for major events, they are in a difficult position, have to be reactive not proactive, too much drunkenness.
- Police spend too much time in their cars.
- Police are overly gruff.

That's pages 2, 3, and 4 of concerns. CIC number one continues with briefing and questions about the OCP.

WDV out.

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