CIC #1 Update 3

Wrapping up for 9:00, gearing up for tomorrow, when we will be live blogging from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Final thoughts:
- At the highest level, it's about how decisions are made. Does it match the aesthetic value and need of the city. For example, the Save on Foods arena, ugly public art, and the Songhees. Uptown the gray box, Victoria could learn. Are the right people informing the City? Are they hiring the right people? Are those people enabled to do good work, or blocked by politics? Why are decisions taking so long, are they made hastily just to save too much talking?
- Victoria needs pedestrian corridors, open developments/landscaping.
- More off-leash dog areas.
- More availability of pet-friendly rentals, kid-friendly rentals.
- What is the plan for commercial nodes? Villages? More downtown density?
- Childcare is hard to find. Is that a planning issue? Working people need their kids near work?
- Protection of wildlife/habitat.
- Harm reduction services.
- Sewage treatment!

The End (for tonight)

WDV out.

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