CIC #1 Update 5

Concerns from today are...
- The Marina. Victoria vs. Monaco - we're different.
- Why do I live here? Approach from this angle.
- Road work. How is it coordinated? Same streets are torn up over and over, is this the best use of taxes?
- Online voting and info about city?
- Homelessness, sleeping in doorways. In USA sidewalks are leased by businesses as private property, could help empower business owners. Some prefer to sleep outside, we should provide facilities for them.
- Need to tailor services to different people.
- Do I feel safe in my city?
- Downtown shelter - Only lip service to public input.
- Police seem to not care about illegal activity, only reactive not proactive. Need a rapid response team.
- Need to view homeless community as members of our community.
- Police chief should advocate for increased services for homeless community.
- Need more funding for homeless services - where to find?
- Need to shift our thinking from short-term to long-term and preventative ideas.
- The law and the city need to protect citizen's interests.

WDV out.

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