Live update from CIC #1

10 People are attending tonight, the conversation is surging on, the ideas are great.

Our "Concerns" flip chart (page 1) says:

- How can we plan for the City of Victoria when we still haven't amalgamated?
- Lots of 55+ housing, where are the kids?
- Need safe bike lanes, separators, Shelbourne street is too narrow to be safe.
- Marina, owner has threatened a lawsuit, means money for a few, do we need another one, do we need a parking lot for wealthy people from out of province, takes away from beauty, already lots of condos (not attractive), doesn't serve Victorians, illusion of two sides to debate.
- We have to live with decisions from previous Councils (threat of lawsuit).
- Waterfront is poorly developed, given all our water, is it that bad?, need balance of bike/walk/water, Rock bay needs work like False Creek.

Ideas are flowing like water through a marina! Stay tuned for more...

WDV out.

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