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Wise Democracy had an interview with Murray Langdon on CFAX radio this morning. We covered the importance of meaningful engagement, a citizen's role in the OCP, and all of the great stuff happening in Austria!

This interview brings to mind the importance of getting ourselves and this project out into the open for the success of these two Citizen Insight Councils. The more people hear about this project, the easier it is for the results of these Councils to ripple out and really affect perceptions and ideas jostling around in this great city. So if you like this process, get the word out! Know somebody who got a letter? Tell them how important you think that is, and what a unique opportunity this is for them to have their voice heard as part of the community.

As always, you can help us get the word out by following us on Twitter or joining us on Facebook and encouraging others to do the same. Social networking need not be passive!

Wise Democracy

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