Public Participation Manual and Case Studies from Europe

To keep our democracy vigorous, it makes sense to supplement representative democracy with forms of participative democracy. Many people are not content to simply go to the polls every four or five years – they want to play an active part on behalf of the community and the area they live in. Empowering people in participative processes boosts their moral courage, ability to express themselves and verve, thus ultimately leading to more political commitment and interest.
Politicians and administrators have a key role to play here, in setting up suitable frameworks for participation (citizen juries, youth parliaments, mediation or Local Agenda 21 processes, to name but a few). This could definitely make an important contribution to building confidence in political institutions (cf. recent Eurobarometer surveys, for instance). 

Public Participation Manual
The Manual gives details of what it takes for participation to succeed, of the necessary preconditions, of the foreseeable costs and of successful case histories.


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