'We the Citizens' of Ireland plan national assembly of randomly selected citizens

‘We the Citizens’ is an independent national initiative with a clear and simple idea. We want to show how our Republic could benefit by citizens coming together in new ways of public decision-making.  www.wethecitizens.ie
We believe this could help to renew trust in politics at this time of social and economic crisis in Ireland. We want to speak up for Ireland.
So what are we about? We’re inviting fellow citizens to come together to share views on how to make our country better. ‘We the Citizens’ want you to participate in one of our seven citizens’ events around Ireland. We need to engage with each other on the future of our country.
The political scientists on our team – a group of young people who also want to help their country – will be at the events to hear and take note of the messages coming from each one of them. The views expressed will inform the agenda for the next big step in our plans.

A national citizens’assembly.
The assembly will be made up of a cross-section of Irish people selected randomly. This is a model that’s been tried and tested with great success in other parts of the world. It shows that citizens are more than able to make considered and practical recommendations on political reform to their fellow-citizens and to government.
‘We the Citizens’ see this as a moment which gives Irish people the chance to help renew our Republic and to contribute to new models of citizen engagement.

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