Sign the Declaration for Change - has posted a "Declaration for Change" based on input from Canadians, and they're asking for your signature of support.  This is a good opportunity to promote a progressive vision for Canada in time for the May 2nd Federal Election. See

Declaration for Change:

We commit to support action on the following key priorities and vote for the politicians who will:

  • Create an open government plan to increase transparency and accountability
  • Initiate a citizen-led process for a referendum on electoral reform
  • Make it easier for people to participate directly in government decision-making

  • Establish a plan with clear targets to reduce poverty and provide affordable housing
  • Improve access to high quality post-secondary education and reduce student debt
  • Ensure access to affordable quality child care and early childhood education

  • Establish climate legislation to meet international and science-based targets
  • Invest in renewable energy, energy efficiency and home retrofits
  • End subsidies to fossil fuel companies

  • Ensure universal access to high quality and publicly administered health care
  • Invest in programs that prevent illness and promote wellness
  • Create a national strategy to increase mental health support

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