Leadnow.ca to Create Online Declaration for Change

There is a new kind of organization that uses technology as tool to help people organize themselves for change. The organization that pioneered this strategy was MoveOn.org, which launched as an online petition directed at the American Congress in 1998. Now, their five-million strong member base has organized over 100 thousand local events and contributed $200 million to progressive candidates, including over $88 million and 20 million volunteer hours to Barack Obama's presidential campaign. GetUp! then repeated MoveOn's success in Australia by attracting more members than all the political parties combined and achieving many electoral and issue-based wins within a mere five years of launch. 38Degrees, the UK-based version, launched in 2009 and already has over half a million members.

Leadnow.ca is the first step in a process that will create a Declaration for Change. The process will bring Canadians together online, and in local get-togethers, to find the values and priorities that can become the foundation for federal political cooperation. The Declaration for Change will challenge federal politicians to cooperate for progress on major issues identified and chosen by the participants. Leadnow.ca will then ask Canadians to back the Declaration for Change with a commitment to vote for the politicians who will rise to the challenge. Our goal is to create a strong incentive for political cooperation that can shift the election results in a few key ridings around the country.

See http://leadnow.ca/en/media

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