CIC #1 Update 8

Thoughts from the CIC on Density, both high and low:
- Focus density downtown, old Bay building should be far edge.
- Don't want to block view corridors.
- Keep height further back, not huge.
- Go for a European feeling.
- Build where the land is lowest so as not to ruin skyline.
- Rock bay could be like False Creek, Yaletown without towers, need to work on Selkirk.
- Humboldt valley is good.
- Douglas/Belleville bus depot should be moved.
- Focus medum density around commercial nodes (villages), would help improve amenities in places like Quadra Village, Cook St., etc.
- Want to walk downtown.
- City should be clear on where high rises can go and be strict.
- City could have guidelines for environmental features in new buildings.
- Density reduces the need for personal vehicles, and increases need for good transit, things like car co-ops.
- What about rooftop gardens, parks, geothermal heat, fuel cells, reuse of greywater, on-site sewage treatment, and beautification for new development?
- Vision over profit.
- Worry about leaky condos, need quality development. What was the city's role there?
- Sewage treatment needs to be more efficient with increased density.
- Aesthetic quality should be considered with new buildings.
- Creating communal space with new development, allowing for community.

WDV out.

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