CIC #1 Update 7

It's solution time.

- To improve bike lane safety, build a traffic meridian between cars and bikes, create exclusive bike-only lanes.
- Fisherman's wharf - secure it.
- Marina alternatives: Don't allow it! OR: Allow it but with smaller boats. OR: Think Macro, it's just a small port (allow it). OR: Put it in a different place, more out of the way.
- Secure a percentage of revenue from new development for affordable housing.
- Increase density, more tax per sq. ft.
- Get light rapid transit!
- Celebrations should be... Secure and safe, modeled after Montreal/Quebec, done in larger areas (blocked off from cars), more like Luminara, change police training (Vancouver?), need mroe cultural festivals, entertainment-based instead of drinking-based.
- More street lighting.
- Pandora Green, more of that, less parking lots/pavement.

WDV out.

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